Price of Underfloor Heating

Price list for Underfloor Heating, under carpet heating, and thermostats from 2020 to 2022. CLICK THIS LINK TO SHOP.

Underfloor heating and thermostats price list
Underfloor heating and thermostats price list

We stick very rigidly to an international guideline of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. (If your room is 10/12m2 from wall to wall, you will need a 1KW heating element) Your heating will be cost-effective and efficient to run. Our elements are Teflon coated. Hence they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Our products are superior in the market.


You will find a wide variety of thermostats that you can purchase from us. All our thermostats are energy efficient and ensure that your heating is cost-effective. We have surface-mount analogue thermostats. These are installed on the wall surface. Thus they plug into a 3-pin plug. These thermostats are helpful when you don’t want to start chasing boxes into your wall. The analogue thermostats are also available in a 2×4 or 4×4 variety. These thermostats are designed to be placed in a box with direct lines from your DB board. We stock a variety of Digital thermostats as well. These can be programmed to come on at various different times of the day. Furthermore, these thermostats have various different options for every day of the week.

My room size is…m2

I will need …Kws


Will cover area of…m2

2 x 2 mts

350 watts

1,7 Amps

1,7 m2

2 x 2,5 mts

500 watts

2,1 Amps

2,5 m2

2,5 x 3,2 mts

750 watts

3,7 Amps

3,7 m2

3 x 3,3 mts

1 Kw

4,7 Amps

5 m2

4 x 3,8 mts

1,5 Kw

6,3 Amps

7,5 m2

4 x 5 mts

2 Kw

9,4 Amps

10 m2

5 x 5 mts

2,5 Kw

12 Amps

12,5 m2

5 x 6 mts

3 Kw

13 Amps