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Non conventional heating

Non conventional heating at a glance.

When you think of underfloor heating, you think of only warming your floors during winter? That is wrong!

Underfloor heating is used in many different ways and not just to heat up a floor.

Lets have a look at some of the other ways that underfloor heating can be used:


Marmosets and other small mammals need a sleeping area (especially babies) that is 28 Degrees. Our heating pads provide this exact temperature. We advice using a probe in the cages of these little critters. Thus ensuring that the thermostat is reading the actual surface temperature of the enclosure. We manufacture a heating pad for exotics and reptiles. This heating pad is small enough to fit in their enclosures without getting in the way.

The same concept applies to snakes and reptiles. Exotic pets need their enclosures to be kept at a certain temperature. Because these pets are kept in captivity, if their enclosures are not at the right temperature, it can make them suffer.

Reptile and exotic animal heating pad 1

Underfloor heating is used in many other non conventional ways:

Seed germination:

Heating cables are laid in the soil of seed beds. Thus helping germination. This ensures that the soil is kept at the right temperature for germination. The heating cable is PTFE coated. Our cables are durable and are able to last in the soil.

Breeding enclosures/incubation:

Breeding areas for animals have to be kept at a very specific temperature. For a professional breeder, loosing stock due to the fluctuation of temperature is devastating. Hence our heating is an effective way to ensure that the area is kept at the right temperature.

As you can see from the above examples, underfloor heating is not a limited product that can only heat a floor. Our product is effective. Thus it is used in a lot of different situations. Therefore it is suitable for any area or environment that must be kept at a constant temperature.

Our flexible and resilient PTFE cables are able to withstand a large amount of pressure. Thus they are perfect for any heating scenario.

This form of heating is the answer to many different heating needs and scenarios.

Give us a call today and let us find a solution for any heating scenario that you may have.

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