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About us:

Welcome to JC Heat2Tile. We are manufacturers of all Under floor Heating DIY systems and accessories. Welcome to our safe and secure online shop. Our shop is HTTPS secure, thus, you can browse and purchase our products with complete peace of mind. We sell all types of heating products and accessories. Furthermore we offer professional installation services as well. Our qualified team can repair existing heating installations, as well as repair or  replace of old existing thermostats. We stock and supply the latest, energy saving, analogue or digital thermostats. Thus our products save you on your monthly electricity consumption. We are based in the Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town area.

How do we ship our products?:

We distribute our products nationally and internationally, using reliable courier services. Thus your product is delivered directly to you. You can buy all of our heating products and accessories from the online shop. Prices on the website are for national delivery only. Hence, for international deliveries, send us your shipping address and we will  calculate the delivery cost. As soon as your payment reflects in our account,  we will send your order through to you.

What can be found in our online shop?:

Whilst browsing through our website, you will find all the necessary information about our products. IE:  Prices, installation demonstration videos, our online shop, as well as all the materials you will need for your D.I.Y Under floor Heating installation. You can contact us on:

Under floor Heating DIY and Thermostats

Contact Us for Underfloor Heating

About our heating elements:

The heating elements and under floor heating mats that we supply come in various different sizes and lengths. Hence our product can accommodate and fit into any room. Our heating elements are  PTFE  coated. Therefore they are resistant to damage from corrosion and high temperatures. We offer a 10 year guarantee on the heating elements, however, they should last a lifetime as they will not corrode over time. Our products can be used for many applications, such as crocodile farming, chicken farming, plant nurseries and incubation purposes. Hence any type of environment that needs to be temperature controlled.


Furthermore, we offer a 2 year guarantee on our thermostats. The thermostats that we supply are energy saving devices. Our range consists of analogue, digital, programmable and a high tech motion sensor touch screen thermostat as well. All of our thermostats can be used as an air sensor or floor sensor thermostat.

Difference between a probe and an air thermostat:

A probe thermostat reads the floor temperature of the area that you install it in. It is advisable to use a probe when the thermostat is installed outside of the area that it is controlling. Hence bathrooms, etc, as well as, under laminated wooden flooring. An air thermostat reads the ambient air temperature of the area that it is installed in.

Surface or flush mount thermostat?:

We stock surface mount and flush mount thermostats. The flush mount thermostat is designed to go into a 4×4 or 2×4 box in the wall, with direct lines from the D.B board. Surface mount thermostats are installed on the wall surface and plug directly into your plug point. A box is not necessary with a surface mount thermostat.

In conclusion:

We stock and supply under tile, carpet, laminate wood, stone heating and thermostats. Thus we have a product for any type of installation. Lastly check this link for prices of our underfloor heating

We offer excellent sales and after sales advice. We are on a variety of social media platforms. Thus, you will find an answer for any question you may have with regards to our products. You are welcome to call or whatsapp us for any advice or enquiries. Hence Jc Heat2Tile are a one stop heating shop!