Non conventional heating

Non conventional heating at a glance. When you think of underfloor heating, you think of only warming your floors during winter? That is wrong! Underfloor heating is used in many different ways and not just to heat up a floor. Lets have a look at some of the other ways that underfloor heating can be […]

Layout for underfloor heating mesh mat

Installation of underfloor heating mat

Installation of underfloor heating mat.8 simple steps. This is a very simple process, and with our guidance, you will find that anyone can do their own underfloor heating installation! Let’s take a walk through the process… Supplies, supplies, supplies! What you need before we begin: You will need a few basic supplies before you start […]

Why is Under Floor Heating the best form of heating ?

Why is Under Floor Heating the best form of heating? How effective are conventional heaters? Conventional electric or gas heaters do not distribute heat evenly. These kinds of heaters create cold and hot spots in the room. From where your heater is positioned, heat would rise directly. So, in essence, the heat would rise straight […]

Q and A – Floor Heating

Q and A – Floor Heating J C Heat 2 Tile specializes in providing heating under any type of floor surface. Under tiles/porcelain, carpets, wood, screed, and any natural stone, slate, or marble in South Africa. We also supply D I Y under tiles heating units and floor heating thermostats. The thermostats range from analogue […]

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